Anne M. Reid

Contact Information


Office: 308 Eddy

Role: Faculty

Position: Senior Teaching Faculty

  • Literature and Composition


My academic interests include Early Modern English literature, gender in world literature, and translation.

I teach a variety of courses in literature: E 140 (Introduction to Literature), E 142 (Reading without Borders), E 232 Introduction to the Humanities), E 238 (20th-century Fiction), E 240 (Introduction to Poetry), E 242 (Reading Shakespeare), E 245 (World Drama), E 270 (Introduction to American Literature),  E 276 (Survey of British Literature I), E 277 (Survey of British Literature II), E 330 (Gender in World Literature), E 337 (Western Mythology), E 342 (Shakespeare I), and E 343 (Shakespeare II).

I also teach composition: CO 130 (Academic Writing), CO 150 (College Composition), CO 300 (Writing Arguments), and CO 301A (Writing in the Disciplines: Arts and Humanities).  As a former ESL student, I particularly enjoy working with international students.


MA English / Literature