About the Composition Program

Program Focus

Our courses provide students with opportunities to expand their critical thinking, reading, analysis, and writing abilities. Each course approaches writing as a rhetorical act accomplished through the effective use of writing processes and strategies. Students develop their research, argument, and writing skills, and use them to compose texts written for both academic and public audiences. Our courses focus on varied writing strategies and situations: composing for college, writing arguments, writing for the web, writing and style, and writing in the Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences and Education.

Supporting the University Mission

“The ability to write correctly and effectively is necessary for success in any academic program and enhances the possibility of one’s success in personal and professional life,” (from the CSU’s General Catalog). Due to the nature of the AUCC requirements at CSU, the Composition Program has the opportunity to work with almost every student that passes through the university, many of them more than once. In this way, and through our work with students in the Writing Center, the Composition Program is not only a vital part of the English Department at CSU, but is an integral part of the education and experience of every CSU student.