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The University Composition Program offers a range of lower and upper division writing courses including required and elective classes.  You can explore new communication approaches, hone technical skills, and experiment with language and style in courses focused on academic writing skills, argument, digital design, and public engagement.

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Overview: CSU Course Catalog Composition Courses

CO130: Academic Writing

In CO130: Academic Writing, you will develop and practice how to read and write for academic audiences. In order to effectively communicate in academic contexts, you will learn how to identify the rhetorical situation, learn how to identify and revise your purpose for writing, practice writing in a variety of genres, and read and research various topics and texts. Since the process of reading and writing is just as important as the final written product, you will practice drafting, outlining, writing, revising, summarizing, analyzing, close reading, and research. These are skills that are incredibly important across the CSU campus as well as in the workplace. CO130 will support your learning and work with other classes, audiences, and writing situations. 

  • CO150: College Composition
  • CO300: Writing Arguments
  • CO301A: Writing in the Arts and Humanities
  • CO301A: Writing in the Sciences
  • CO301C: Writing in the Social Sciences
  • CO301D: Writing in Education
  • CO302: Writing in Digital Environments
  • CO401: Writing and Style
  • CO402: Principles of Digital Rhetoric and Design


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  • E210: Intro to Creative Writing
  • E305: Principles of Writing and Rhetoric
  • E320: Intro to Study of Language
  • E402: Teaching Composition
  • E403: Writing the Environment
  • E406: Topics in Literacy
  • E501: Theories of Composition
  • E502: The Politics of Literacy
  • E503: Investigating Classroom Literacies
  • E603: Critical Digital Rhetoric
  • E605: Critical Studies in Reading and Rhetoric
  • E637: Histories of Writing and Rhetoric


We also offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in writing.