Sarah Louise Pieplow

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Office: Eddy 328

Office Hours: Wed 10a-1p

Role: Faculty

Position: Instructor


sarah louise pieplow is is a poet, songwriter, musician, and instructor in Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature at Colorado State University. She received an undergraduate degree in music, world literature, and French at Middlebury College, and an MFA in Poetry from CSU. Sarah trained in alternative education at Eagle Rock School in Estes Park. slp also plays piano for Presbyterians.

Her research focuses on pedagogy and curriculum development, and various aspects of identity and comparative/multicultural literature, including Icelandic poetry and saga, autorepresentation in Native American novels, and English-language Persian ghazals.

slp can be found vaguely under-promoting her first studio album widow s daughter, or hermette-ing with her Smith-Corona typewriter and her melancholia. A dog named Fred was her closest friend. She lives with a dog named Monk.