GTA CO150 Common Syllabus for 2017-2018

These materials represent the common 2017-2018 CO150 syllabus for new Graduate Teaching Assistants starting in Fall 2017.

Disclaimer: None of the resources included here, or anywhere else on this website, are official documents or descriptions, and as such have no legal merit. They are intended simply as support materials for teachers teaching CO150 in the Composition department at CSU.

Introduction to the CO150 Common Syllabus—2017-18 (Word doc)

Assignment Percentage Breakdown, 2017-18 Common Syllabus (Word doc)


Unit I, Close & Critical Reading: Listening to and Expanding the Conversation

Assignment 1: Rhetorical Summary Portfolio


Assignment 1: Materials (Word doc)

Assignment 2: Stakeholder Proposal


Assignment 2 Materials (Word doc)


Unit 2, Research and Argument: Joining the Conversation

Assignment 3 & 4: Annotated Bibliography & Researched Argument


Assignment 3: Materials (Word doc)

Assignment 4: Materials (Word doc)


Unit 3, Rhetorical Analysis: Revising and Reflecting on the Conversation

Assignment 5: Rhetorical Analysis & Revision Plan


Assignment 5: Materials (Word doc)