Are There Sections of CO150 for Non-Native Speakers of English?

Each fall and spring semester, the English department offers several sections of CO150 specifically designated for non-native speakers of English.

Sections of CO150 for non-native speakers of English have the same objectives as CO150 for native speakers of English, including developing critical reading skills, understanding writing as a rhetorical process, developing a variety of rhetorical strategies to meet the needs of different audiences and purposes (particularly for academic writing), and enhancing research and revision processes.

CO150 sections for non-native speakers of English are taught by faculty who have significant professional development in Teaching English as a Second Language and who understand the challenges non-native speakers may face when reading and writing in English.  Also, ESL sections of CO150 provide more support for assignment planning and revising, and they focus on helping students understand the important features of U.S. academic writing.

If you are interested in registering for an ESL section of CO150: College Composition, please contact Sue Russell, Assistant to the Composition Program, by email or call (970) 491-1898.  Your email should include:

  • Your CSU ID number (required to input an override BEFORE you will be able to register for the course)
  • The ESL section of CO150 that best fits your schedule (e.g. CO150.400)

After you send this information, you will receive instructions about how to register/waitlist with an override for the ESL section of your choice.