What if I have Transfer Credits from another Institution?

If you would like to review the transfer credit that has been awarded, log into your RamWeb. On the home page you will find a link under Records called “View My Transfer Credits”.  To view how your prior coursework applies towards your degree, use the “Degree Progress Audit” link to run a degree audit.  On your Degree Audit Report, check whether the All-University Core Curriculum AUCC – Category 1A Basic Competencies – Intermediate Writing requirement has been completed or needs to be completed.

If you desire Colorado State equivalency for CO150 for a transferred course that does not have an equivalent noted on the transfer evaluation report, please contact Sue Russell, the Composition Program Assistant in the English office, at (970) 491-1898 or email her at Sue.Russell@colostate.edu. Sue will need to see a detailed syllabus for the course you have taken.

If you have transfer credit for CO130: Academic Writing:

If you have earned transfer credit for CO130: Academic Writing, that credit will act as a prerequisite for CO150.  We recognize that some students enter the University with higher levels of writing skills than we might expect given the composition courses they have taken.  You may challenge CO150 by taking the Composition Placement Challenge Essay.  With a score of 5, we will email the Transfer Office to request that your CO130 course be transferred in as CO150, based on Challenge Essay score of 5.  If you are uncertain about your status, you should contact the Transfer Office at (970) 491-7159 or emailtransferoffice@colostate.edu.

What if my Transferred Composition Course(s) were Taken More Than 10 Years Ago?

In CSU’s General Catalog, in Section 1.3 – Undergraduate Admissions – page 7 under Evaluation of Credits – it says:  “If coursework presented for transfer is over 10 years old, the academic department will need to review it for applicability towards degree requirements.”  It is the Composition Program’s policy that for students whose composition courses were completed more than ten years ago, they need to take the Composition Placement Challenge Essay.  You don’t have to get a test out score (6), just a score of 5.  We can then transfer your Composition class in as CO150 or your Composition classes in as CO130: Academic Writing and CO150: College Composition based on your score of 5.  With scores of 3 or 4, you will be required to take CO150: College Composition.  CO150 credit will satisfy the All-University Core Curriculum Intermediate Writing requirement (AUCC Category 1A).

What if My Composition Class Transfers in for Only 2 Credits?

Students who transfer into CSU with less than 2.6 semester credits in composition will have the option of taking the Composition Placement Challenge Essay.  Students don’t have to get a test-out score (6) in order for the required third credit to be waived, but they do need to receive a score of 5.  If a student receives a score of 5, we can send a memo to Transfer Evaluation requesting that they waive the additional one credit.