CO300: Writing Arguments

In CO300 Writing Arguments, students develop their argumentative skill in multiple contexts—academic, public, personal—by analyzing and creating a variety of texts. Students learn key concepts in rhetoric, including: audience, the rhetorical situation, Toulmin-based analysis, Rogerian argument, visual/aural argumentation and others. Special emphasis on writing processes, accessing and evaluating sources, peer critiquing, and revising. Students gain writing experience that they can apply to their roles as scholars, citizens, consumers and aspiring professionals.

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Transfer Equivalents & Advanced Placement Credit: If you desire Colorado State equivalency for CO300 for a transferred course that does not have an equivalent noted on the transfer evaluation report, please contact Sue Russell, composition program administrative assistant, at or (970) 491-1898. If you are asked to meet with a representative of the composition program, please bring the course syllabus, textbook, and/or the papers you composed for the class to the meeting.

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