Discussion Questions for “The Rhetorical Situation” by Bitzer

Discussion Questions: Bitzer                                                                                                       Ed Lessor

  1. What does Bitzer mean when he states that, “a work of rhetoric is pragmatic”?
  2. Use the context of the reading to define
    1. exigency
    2. persons
    3.  relations
    4. location
    5. speaker
    6. audience
    7. methods
    8. institutions
  3. According to Bitzer what are the three primary constituents of the rhetorical situation?
  4. Why should we bother to understand the rhetorical situation for a given argument?
  5. Use Bitzer’s  essay to draft a one paragraph analysis of the rhetorical situation for sample essay three. (Any argument that you have already read for the class will work here.)