Discussion Questions for “Thinking about Multimodality” by Takayoshi and Selfe

Discussion Questions: Takayoshi and Selfe                                                                                           Ed Lessor

Identify three of the main claims that the authors make for the importance of multi-modal approaches in modern composition courses. Write a one paragraph response to each claim from your perspective as a student in a required composition course. Make certain to make a specific agree/disagree style claim—articulate reasons for your claim, and support your reasons with compelling support. Use your personal experience as a student in lower division writing courses in college and as an up and coming member of the workforce to support your ideas here.

Review the “Five Key Questions” at the end of the essay.

Did any of your response claims reflect the issues raised by the authors?
Do you feel that they effectively countered some of the response claims that you raised in your essay?
Do you still have any lingering doubts or resistances to embracing multimodal technologies in the composition classroom?

If so, what strategies would you suggest for working with multimodal issues in this class?