Sample Anthology and Analysis Assignment

Anthology and Analysis Assignment
Create your own mini-anthology of 4-6 texts that show effective writing.

Your audience for this assignment: current members of this class, parents/siblings /roommates interested in what you’re doing in this class, or some other non-academic audience you can describe concretely. Narrow your specific audience to a group of readers you can interest in this analysis and adapt your format appropriately for the audience. The only audience off-limits for this piece is “English teacher.”

As a group, the pieces you select should demonstrate what makes writing most effective. You’ll want to find articles that are shaped by different publication contexts (perhaps magazines, pamphlets, newspapers, web sites) and different audiences (defined by age, financial/political/career/ideological concerns, educational background, interests, etc.). In other words, each of the pieces might reflect a relatively distinctive rhetorical context.

Your accompanying analysis will lay out as clearly as possible what you see as the distinctive features of each piece and how, as a group, the selections define the best of effective writing. Obviously, with such a brief collection, you cannot be exhaustive in covering all features of effective writing, so browse widely first and then be selective as you narrow your choices for the final mini-collection.

In your draft analysis, be sure to include the specific criteria for effective writing that you’re highlighting with your text choices. You may also want to include descriptions of the original publication contexts, especially target readers. Provide textual and analytic details in your paper that will help your readers see how and why your selections map the territory of effective writing.

At the end of your introduction, provide bibliographic citations for the selected articles, and plan to send me electronic copies of the texts.