Sample Weekly Syllabus

Weekly Syllabus
CO401, Spring 2011

Introduction and Setting Goals
Week 1 (Jan. 18-20)
Tuesday: Introduction to the course
Readings due Thursday: Read about rhetorical context and its components in “Examining Writing through a Rhetorical Lens: Overview of the Rhetorical Context” posted under Rhetorical Readings in our Class Files on the Writing Studio.

Collect two or three pieces of your recent writing to show me who you are as a writer and to assess your strengths and weaknesses. On Thursday at the end of class, you’ll send a copy to me and to two classmates. Discussions about these mini-portfolios will help us generate criteria for effective writing.

Thursday: Review rhetorical context
Readings due Tuesday: Read the two mini-portfolios of writing from classmates. Take notes for your conversation about what constitutes effective writing.

Week 2 (Jan. 25-27)
Tuesday: Interviews with 2 classmates about the mini-portfolios. Generate with your group members a preliminary list of criteria that define effective writing.
Readings for Thursday: Quammen, “Contagious Cancer,” and Russon, “Their Ticket is Valid,” both posted in Class Files on the Writing Studio.

Thursday: What makes effective writing? How can you make your writing more effective? What do you need to concentrate on this term?
Readings due Tuesday: Read the excerpt from Rose’s “Writing for the Public” posted in the Rhetorical Readings File Folder in the Writing Studio. Read Talbot, “The Maximum Security Adolescent” posted in the Class Files.

Genre Considerations
Week 3 (Feb. 1-3)
Tuesday: Discuss Rose and talk about public forums for writing. Begin discussing genre
For Thursday: Browse print and online venues for published work (i.e., editorial control based on specific guidelines and discourse features). Start collecting pieces that strike you as effective.

Thursday: Continue work on genre.
For Tuesday: Continue collecting pieces for your anthology. Begin defining in detail the criteria you’re using to define your anthology. Read Devitt selection.

Week 4 (Feb. 8-10)
Tuesday: Connecting your anthology assignment draft to your preliminary collection of writing samples: reflecting on your criteria for effective published writing.
Due Thursday: Draft your anthology introduction.

Thursday: Workshop on anthology assignment.
Due Tuesday: Prepare final draft for submission.

Week 5 (February 15-17)
Tuesday: Anthology assignment due.The profile assignment: topics, audiences, venues.
For Thursday: Read Taubenberger et al., “Capturing a Killer Flu Virus.”

Thursday: Discourses as defined by publication venues: more on genre and style.
Due Tuesday: Read Gould’s article, “The Case of the Creeping Fox Terrier Clone” in the Rhetorical Readings File Folder on the Writing Studio.

Week 6 (February 22-24)
Tuesday: Gould, research, and source integration.
For Thursday: Find at least five sources you could use in your profile assignment texts. For each source, identify it (with bibliographic or biographic details) and then explain how the source will help you support your points in the profile texts.

Visual Design
Thursday: Paragraphing – logical and visual. Visual design.
For Tuesday: Read the Hagan article posted under Rhetorical Readings on the Writing Studio. Bring a topical outline focusing on key points, particularly on pages 49-54. Begin collecting samples of what you consider effective visual and audio elements that you can mimic in your profile texts.

Week 7 (March 1-3)
Tuesday: Continue work on visual design today or Thursday.
For Thursday: Continue searching for additional good examples of visual and audio elements online.

Thursday: TBA depending on jury duty.
For Tuesday: Read Coe on style. Complete all your sentence imitations for next week.

Week 8 (March 8-10)
Tuesday: Style broadly.
For Thursday: Continue research for your profile assignment.

Thursday:  Sentence variety. Parody exercise
For Tuesday: Start drafting profile assignment.

Week 9 (March 22-24)
Tuesday: Source integration. Tightening sentences, 1.
For Thursday: Draft! Find at least 5 sentences in your mini-portfolio (see week 1) to rework for class on Thursday.

Thursday: Stylistic punctuation. Work on your sentences
For Tuesday: More work on sentences

Focusing on the Profile Assignment
Week 10 (March 29-31)
Tuesday: Workshop on first chunk of profile assignment (approximately 1500 words)
For Thursday: Read “A Handy-Dandy Explanation of One Way to Avoid Misusing the Lowly Comma” posted on the calendar. Bring all your questions about sentence-level editing on Thursday.

Thursday: Tightening sentences, 2.
Due Tuesday: Second chunk of profile assignment

Week 11 (April 5-7)
Tuesday: Workshop on second chunk of profile assignment (approximately 1500 new words). Send editor’s notes to me and to your workshop partner. Pull out a paragraph or two from your draft to overhaul stylistically.

Thursday: Work on your sentences/paragraphs
For Tuesday: Read “Editing and Proofreading Strategies” posted on the calendar in the Writing Studio. See also, the Online Writing Center module called Editing and Proofreading Strategies for more explanation;

Week 12 (April 12-14)
Tuesday: Work day (a great opportunity for a conference about your profile draft)
For Thursday: Complete your rough draft of the profile assignment.

Thursday: Workshop on complete draft of profile assignment. Send editor’s notes to me and to your workshop partner.
For Tuesday: Plan and begin revisions.

Week 13 (April 19-21)
Tuesday: Style workshop.
For Thursday: Revise, revise, revise!

Thursday: Formatting workshop.
For Tuesday: Prepare as close to a final draft of your profile assignment for exchange next week.

Week 14 (April 26-28)
Tuesday: Near-to-final draft exchanged for peers’ editor notes.
For Thursday: Read and annotate your peer’s draft and prepare your editorial note.

Thursday: Debrief editor’s notes with partner and complete final revisions.
For Tuesday: Prepare final draft of profile assignment for me. Complete reflective piece on profile assignment.

Week 15 (May 3-5)
Tuesday: Final draft of profile assignment due to me for my editor notes.
For Thursday: Begin final course reflection task.

Thursday: Remaining questions about final course reflection task. Student evaluations.

For Final Exam time: Complete your final course reflection.

Finals Week
We will have a final gathering during the final exam time – May 10, 11:50-1:50. Students will bring final copies of document(s) for all to browse. Final reflection due.